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Congregational Survey Results

Congregational Survey Results

Thank you for your survey participation! It is greatly appreciated!

The results were presented to, reviewed by, and discussed with the council on September 17th. They can be found at the link below and hard copies are available in the church office.

There are many insights in the results. What we determined, that while we have areas of improvement, we are currently addressing many of the concerns already. The main call-outs are Finances, Denomination, Attendance, Connectivity, and Facilities. The biggest opportunity for Bethel currently, where immediate response is more viable, is connectivity. Addressing this, in whatever ways we need to, will in effect help with attendance, finances, and ultimately finances to provide for the facilities. 

To address connectivity opportunities, we are most likely looking at a follow-up survey or something that will lend to what the congregation is specifically seeking. 

Also, based on the survey feedback, townhall meetings were deemed to be worthwhile with the frequency of 2 – 4 times per year, so more to come!

Again, thank you for participating!

If you have any questions, please contact Jill Frisbie, Council Chair, through the contact form below.