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Nominations and Leadership Development

The process is underway. On September 17, the church council elected a nominations committee to receive and process nominations for leadership in the church, which will be voted on for election in the upcoming charge conference on November 10 at 1pm at Bethel.

The Nominations and Leadership Development Committee is diligently working to fill the leadership and committee positions before the November 10 charge conference where the officers will be elected. All are welcome to come.  All members of the church are allowed to vote at the charge conference.  Nominations are allowed from the floor of the charge conference.  Be in attendance, be engaged, be invested, and make disciples who make disciples!

The committee is just getting underway, and is on a tight schedule, so if you’d like to nominate someone for a position, please fill out the nominations form here.

Bethel’s nomination committee is:

Holly Aitken

Andy Anthony – Chair

Linda Belt

Dorothy (Bonnie) Forrester

Gary Jurs

Dylan Lee

Dalene Page

Nick Schubert – Vice Chair

Scott Vaughan

Ambuir Wall