About Us

At Bethel United Methodist Church we know that discipleship does not end at conversion. Rather it is a lifelong apprenticeship to Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, in the love of the Father. It’s about what goes on between one person and their God. It’s about friends. It’s about families. It’s about workplaces. It’s about local relationships with our literal neighbors here in Mascoutah. It’s about caring for people on the other side of the world whom we may never see in this life. It’s about loving God and others as God first loved us, in word and in deed. It’s about knowing that in this life we are always on the journey, always learning, always growing. We do not grow complacent, but we pick up our crosses daily and we follow our Lord and Savior wherever he leads.

If you aren’t familiar with the United Methodist Church, here is some historical background, and here is a basic summary of United Methodist teaching. Another helpful tool we prize is the Apostles’ Creed, which we confess together with most Christians around the world. The best way to get to know us is just to get involved.

Rev. Nick Jordan (Senior Pastor)
Sherry Anthony (Director of Worship)
Lila Baker (Office Administrator)
Micah Fender (A/V Coordinator)
Jake Franck (Youth Director)
Jeannie Lowry (Pianist)
Mindy Schubert (Childrens’ Ministries Director)