Children’s Ministries

Through our Children’s Ministry, we teach kids what it means to Love God, Grow Together, and Serve the World. We do this through scripture, worship, play, and mission. This ministry’s goal is to offer a welcome and loving environment where kids feel comfortable to not only learn and ask questions but to have fun and be silly and to live their life on mission, spreading love to each other and the world.

Contact Mindy Schubert, our Children’s Ministries Director, for the most up-to-date information.

Sunday School & Nursery
During every Sunday service at Bethel, Sunday School is provided to teach our kids bible truths and what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. We teach scripture. We teach truth. We teach love. Sometimes these things are taught through reading and discussion and sometimes we teach through experiments or crafts. Mrs. Mindy and her volunteers are never afraid to be silly, messy, or loud to teach the most effectively to your children. We are blessed leading them through their walk with the Lord!

Kids’ Ministry Events

Bethel Kids’ Club- Held Wednesday’s during the school year

Kid Fun Nights- Held on Friday nights throughout the year

Christmas Play- Practices begin in October each year and the play is performed in December

Light Kids Conference- Held at Troy UMC during the spring

Camp- Kids first through 5th grade attend Beulah Camp each Summer

Vacation Bible School- This is a community event held during late summer for kids ages 3 through 5th grade

Bethel kids are included in all full church events either through family or kids’ focused worship & fellowship including, Lent, Crud Wars, Worship in the Park, Advent, etc.